YouTube Was Down Last Night & People Had The Funniest Reactions!

If you’ve been trying to stream your favourite videos on Youtube you know it’s been down for a while now. YouTube appeared to be having technical issues on a global scale on Wednesday night, leaving scores of users temporarily unable to stream any videos:

And the netizens had the most hilarious reactions!

WiFi sus:


Sorry 😔

Haha, Twitter being the real MVP when all other SM is down:

Lmao 😂


At least your phone is happy:

What is this sorcery?


Thank God, phew!

Yeh toh hoga!

Peak clownery:



Bhai bhai bhai bhai:

Haha, Dailymotion finally had its moment!

Could this year get any worse?

Normally it’s the other way around for us 😭

We have 118, what about you guys?


And it’s back now!

What were your thoughts when the app wasn’t working? Let us know in the comments below!

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