10 Pakistani Songs ‘Aesthetic اردو’ Made Even Better With Their Video Designs!

Pakistani songs are a mood on their own and there’s no doubt in that. You could hear them for any reason or at any moment, and they’ll satiate all your emotional needs with their music and lyrics. However, for those that are still not satisfied with just the song itself, there’s now Aesthetic اردو to make your visual experience as amazing as the song too!

Running on YouTube, the channel focuses on creating both, visuals for playlists and hit Pakistani songs, in a Gen-Z aesthetic that would make you want to not only give these songs another listen, but also possibly share them all over your social media!

Which of these videos are our favourites? Diva explores…


This Chill Version of Jal Pari

Our Atif Aslam love-affair just became even more intense with these visuals and this beautiful version.


This Nostalgia Filled Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Medley in Ali Sethi’s vocals!

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s beautifully-composed songs and Ali Sethi’s vocals – what could be better right now?


This Playlist That Will Make Your Late Night Blues Better!

From Junoon to Junaid Jamshed, this beautifully curated playlist will make those rainy late nights extra-comfy.


This Original Rendition of Aetibar

Nothing makes us hum along like this one!


This Psychedelic Version of Na Re Na

Trippy and beautiful, a weird combination we love to see and hear!

This Playlist Which Will Make You Remember The One You Love The Most

Lovelorn or just missing that special one a bit too much? Hear this to induce that feeling even more.


This Atif Aslam Classic We Never Stopped Loving

Aadat over everything else – need we say more?


This Beautiful Rehash of Dil Dil Pakistan!

May not be the classic you know, but has its own charm, doesn’t it?


This Playlist For Your Late Night Drives

Feel all your feelings with this late night drive playlist!


This Nazia Hassan Classic Which Has No Equal

Nothing makes Nazia Hassan classics looks even better than amazing aesthetics!


Check out more of their visual reworks here.



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  1. Your collection of songs is like a bouquet of wild flowers . Oozing out beautiful fragrances during rainy nights in Islamabad. Best of luck Diva as well Shajehan.

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