5 Pakistani Actresses We Cannot Stop Loving in Dramas of 2020!

2020 may not have been a great year for the world, but for Pakistani television, it has shined brightly. There have been many dramas to enjoy this year, and many continue on our television screens right now with some great acting skills visible on it which the audiences cannot get enough of.

Be it melodrama or the nuanced, there has been something for everyone this time around, and that’s the reason why we cannot stop loving some of the actresses in these drama serials!

But, who are these talented actresses who like previous years have managed to make their mark on TV in 2020 as well? Diva has the lowdown…


Urwa Hocane – Mushk

One of the strongest performances in an ongoing drama serial, Mushk has won hearts all around. However, if there is someone who has shined through this time, it has to be Urwa as Guddi. Not only has she kept herself at par with actors like Imran Ashraf, but have also proven she can be a tough competition to other great actresses.


Sohai Ali Abro – Prem Gali

Sohai Ali Abro is one of the few actresses who can essay a bubbly role without having to ham it up, and that’s why she is so strong in a show like Prem Gali. Her role as Joya is truly what was missing from the current lot of television characters with her spunkiness and her quips, making her an actress we cannot get enough of.


Faiza Hassan – Nand

One of the few actresses whose versatility knows no bounds, Faiza Hassan continues to shine with a show like Nand. Not only is her role as Gohar brilliantly-executed, but she has also proven that she has a presence that trumps over every other actor or actress in the scene.


Mawra Hocane – Sabaat

2020 has been a strong year for Mawra Hocane and Sabaat has been proof of it. Her role as Anaya on the show was not only multi-faceted, but the actress also managed to go leaps and bounds over what she has done before. Not many can boast a growth that Mawra can after this drama!


Hira Mani – Kashf

One of the reigning names of television, Hira Mani proved all the naysayers wrong again with another great performance with Kashf. Her eponymous role was widely appreciated by the audiences, and we don’t think anyone but Hira would have been able to do the role as perfectly.


Which actress can you not get enough of in dramas these days? Tell us in the comment section below.

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