Twitter Is Questioning Hira Mani For The Rishta She Wants For Her Son!

The queen of imitating other celebrities, Marge Pellumbi, recreated one of Hira Mani’s looks looking way too adorable!

The word reached Hira Mani and she almost sent a rishta for her son Ibrahim!

And while the exchange wasn’t all that serious, tweeple just weren’t amused!

People were quoting her very famous lines:

People were calling her high on society ka Nasha:

People found her comment to be pathetic:

People were sharing what they would have done:

Unfortunately, yes!

Some found the exchange entertaining!

People were calling her the desi version of manic pixie dream girl:

Netizens found the exchange straight up cringy!

I hope she is:

Hahaha, we do!


And while the majority was not pleased with her comments, some came to defend her:

What do you think about the exchange between Hira Mani and Marge Pellumbi? Let us know in the comments below!

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