Shoaib Akhtar Appeals For Help & Oxygen For India, Wins Their Hearts!


Engulfed by the third wave of COVID19, India has been reporting the highest number of cases ever since the pandemic began. With almost 344,000 cases today, the country’s healthcare system is collapsing as they suffer from oxygen shortages and hospitals being overbooked countrywide.

During these trying times, Indians have been waiting for the privileged lot to step in and stand by their side, but unfortunately no one has come forward yet, except people from across the border like Faisal Edhi who offered medical assistance to the country earlier. And now it’s Shoaib Akhtar who has been appealing to the government and the citizens to help and raise funds for India:

His kind gesture has won him thousands of hearts across the border and people are truly grateful to him:

People were thanking him for being a supportive and compassionate neighbour:

Indian journalist Swati Chaturvedi thanked the cricketer for his gesture and shared what the situation would have been if the roles were reversed:

People were waiting for their legends to wake up:


People had questions:

People were throwing shade at their own celebrities:


We’re in this together ❤

Jo baat hai!

Indians were disappointed in their celebrities!

People were moved by his gesture:

Even the people who normally disagreed with his views were lauding him:

We hope India gets a grasp on the situation and gathers enough resources to provide the necessary medical attention. What are your thoughts?

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