Tiktok Might Be The Next App That PTA Bans & People Have A Lot To Say!

Tiktok, the most widely used app in Pakistan might be on the verge of getting banned by PTA after it banned Bigo app today.

Bigo is the second app to get banned after PUBG, a final warning has also been given to Tiktok for promoting obscene and vulgar content in Pakistan. If the warning isn’t taken seriously, Tiktok might be the next app to get banned in the country:

The notification from PTA garnered mixed reactions from the public, with majority supporting the ban:

Some felt that there was no need of a warning but rather a direct ban:

People were happy with the decision:


People were praying for Tiktok to be banned soon!

People were upset that PUBG was given no warning prior being banned:

People were lauding PTA for the decision:

People were sharing how tiktokers have zero contribution:

And while many were supporting the ban, others had their reservations:

People were questioning PTA:

Many stood against banning the apps as a solution:

People were not happy with the constant bans:

People were calling the country ‘Block-istan:’

People were calling for the ban of YouTube as well:

It reminded people of the YouTube ban back in the days:

Gamers ko apni fikar pari hui hai:

It sure does!

Boy’s got a valid point!

People were throwing shade:

People had their reasons to speak out against the ban:

People were furious!

People wanted PTA to stay out of their personal lives:

What do you think about PTA banning all these apps? Let us know in the comments below!

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