Frontline Warrior Shares The Aftermath of COVID Shifts & People Can’t Thank Her Enough!

Ever since Pakistan got hit by COVID-19, doctors, nurses, technicians have been working day and night risking their lives to save ours. With layers of protective gear to keep them safe, it never gets easy.

Frontline worker, Baakh Nusrat, shares the aftermath of COVID ward shifts thinking that she might need a new face after its over:

But the netizens see her beautiful face in a different light:

Even people across the border sent her love and prayers:


Nation’s pride!

We really do!

People were thanking her and her fellow frontline workers:

Some were lauding her dedication:

People were sharing how difficult it must be to wear protective gear for hours:

People were praying for her health:


She was an inspiration for many!


People offered to help her in every way they could:

What do you have to say for heroes like Baakh? Let us know in the comments below!

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