There’s Now A Chai Flavoured Ice-Cream With Paratha Cone & The Internet Is Screaming!

One of the most iconic breakfasts, chai paratha, has gotten a new twist! Chai has turned into ice cream and the paratha has been molded into a cone:

And people are divided!

People were actually willing to try it!

People believed it had potential:

People didn’t understand the hate:

People had questions:

People were excited!

Even the non-chai fans were living for the ice cream:

People were way too divided over it:


The reactions were priceless!

People were pointing out the hypocrisy:


People were calling it a sign of the end being near:

People were not having it!

Uhhh, okay!

People were calling it an unpardonable sin:

It changed the meaning of chai paratha for some:

It didn’t sit well:

People were appalled at the audacity:



People wanted to know why:

People were actually calling it blasphemy:

People wanted the monstrosity to stop:


Would you try it? Let us know in the comments below!

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