This Woman Explains How Important It Is For Women To Read Their Nikkah-Nama & We Stan!

Over the course of your life, you would have signed a ton of things, checks, credit card receipts, letters, applications, documents and what not! And before signing anything you make sure to read what you’re signing, then why isn’t the same applied to your nikkah-nama?

Many women unthinkingly sign this piece of paper without reading it or knowing their rights. And Dr. Sassi Malik Sher is here to change it!

2 days prior to her Nikkah, she made sure she went through the nikkahnama thoroughly, understanding all the clauses before signing it, urging other women to do the same and the twitterati stand proud of her!


Such a great thing to do, here’s hoping all of us do the same when the time comes:

Jo baat hai!

Others were sharing their first hand experiences:

It sure is:

While many argued how it isn’t really tabboo, others shared the real picture:

Sad but true at the same time:

Men were sharing how they encouraged their wives to read the contract before hand:

An example to be followed!

Girls were sharing their own experiences:




People were agreeing on how important it is:

Your deen has given you this power, use it:

Exactly why it needs to change:

We cannot stress enough:


She was an inspiration to many:

People were hoping other women would follow her:

Go queeeeen!

What do you think about normalizing women reading and filling out their nikkah-namas themselves? Let us know in the comments below!

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