Hajra Khan’s Harmless Eid Picture Triggered Desis & It’s Not Okay!

You can never be as cool as Pakistan’s Football Team Captain Hajra Khan, it’s a given fact! No matter what the girl decides to wear, she looks absolutely divine.

And while everyone was sharing their pictures from Eid, Hajra too took to her social media to share her Eid look rocking her aviators and khheriyan!

And while many loved her sense of styling, others were triggered!

Of course, some people were never taught to stay quiet if they had nothing good to say:

Such comedy much wow 🙄

Pehle apne ghar mei toh dekhlein kon kya kar raha hai:

CoMeDy Is My PaSsIoN:

Subko kerni chahiye:


Jisko jo pasand woh uss libaas mei:

Some thought she was having an identity crisis:

Mughees disappoint hua:

Lmao, the biwi he’ll never get:

Kya joke mara hai…

Some thought her darzi played with her:

Some had unsolicited advice:

Some were worried about ‘aj ki generation:’

Some thought using transgenders as an insult is peak comedy:

And while a lot of people we’re butthurt, way more were in love!

Hehe, facts!

Sadly true:

Qoumi mashghalla:



And Hajra is proof of that:

What do you think about people being triggered by a harmless picture? Let us know in the comments below!

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