5 Reasons Why TikTok is Really Wasting All Of Our Time!

Social media has always been a way for the digital-savvy users to keep themselves entertained, and recently, the influx of new apps have added onto this! But out of all of these innovations, truly none has captured the youth as much as TikTok!

But, let’s be real. Is it worth it or is it just a waste of all of our time and energy?

Well, the recent drop of ratings from 4.5 to a 1.3 may be proof. But, we wonder what else is causing it to fall from grace?

Diva analyses…


You’re Basically Lip Syncing

So, we all get to pick our favourite dialogues/songs and lip-sync them and hope for thousands of views. For a long time, Vine did that too! Did it work? Nope.


There Too Much Unnecessary Overacting

Being funny or emotional is one thing, but to showcase a barrage of acting skills that are just awful, makes no sense to us!


It Takes Over All Your Time

With the app taking at least 10-12 takes to lip-sync even one dialogue properly, it just wastes more time than anything else. Plus, are you even sure the video came out nice?


A Danger To Society& Ethics

Not everyone understands how to use an app carefully, and many are creating dangerous situations for them and others by doing crazy out-of-the-box things. There’s a fine line between entertainment and attention-mongering. Plus, let’s not even forget how awfully it ridicules anyone who doesn’t fit the ‘norm.’


You Think You’re A Celebrity

There’s nothing wrong in making yourself feel like a million bucks, but if you end up thinking that doing OTT things will make you stand at the same level as people who have worked hard in the industry, it’s a wrong thought to have!   

What do you think about the app? Tell us in the comment section below.

  1. Yes it is the source of entrainment… But the reasins like waste of time and students who need to study are just wasting their time also their parents money….. And the reason celebrity…. Fits most becoz you cant take place of those people who worked hard its just bad in my view…. App gives you a little happiness… So it has both pros and cons what i think that cons are more…

  2. I think these all reasons are lame , get something worth so we swap up .
    And ya this is a plate form where people can show their talent either you consider this as overacting or time waste.
    Last but not least if they consider their self as celebrity so you guys are not suppose to tell or judge someone !!!
    Did you get that?

  3. It’s not the culture of our Religion, Under Medina like Government it should be banned as PM promised ! #bantiktokPakistan Waste of time , the mind which should be dedicated to Researches is busy in these useless and baseless app !!

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