This thread on your favourite childhood snacks will take you back in time!

Kids these days will never be able to understand our obsession with local snacks as kids! And this guy’s thread on Twitter will take you back to the good ole days, starting with top pops that we love to date!

Oh them dino munchies!

The chips everyone would bring to school!

Chocolate chocolate in the dish, how many chocolates do you wish?

The iconic BP spacer!

Candy Land ki chocolate Now, wow! We still remember the whole song!

Things we’d do to get these chockis back!

Mera bhi nai nikla!

When we were too broke to be buying Extra gum!


Iski toh baat hi alag thi:

Also, remember their lollipop Kidco pop?


Remember wearing them as actual masks?

Jet Sport and our orange tongues after having it!

What snacks do you remember from your childhood? Let us know in the comments below!

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