Shehzad Roy asked people what was missing in his picture and people think its his age!


There are 2 people in the industry who do not age, Mahnoor Baloch and Shehzad Roy. Now we don’t know how exactly, but they just don’t seem to age at all. Sharing a picture to Twitter, Shehzad Roy asked his followers what was missing in the picture:


And people did take a lot of guesses, around 90% of the people were convinced it’s his age that’s missing:


Yeh banda aj se 20 saal badh bhi aisa hi hoga:


For real!


Us too!


Yar 😂


Some thought grey hair were missing:


Some were a little too observant:


Some thought biryani was missing, hmmm!


Well, that too!


Tum hi toh ho:


Some did not find anything missing:


Many thought colours were missing:


Someone thought Bhutto was missing:


And while many were thinking it was his age that was missing, the real thing missing was half his finger, which a ton of people noticed:


And he confirmed it himself:


Now we’re not exactly sure about the finger, but one thing we’re absolutely sure about is how Shehzad Roy does not age at all!


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