This guy tried body shaming a random girl but the internet isn’t having it

Body shaming is not a new phenomenon for desis, because yeh toh humari national hobby hai. A guy on Twitter with a little too much time on his hands posted a picture of a girl shaming her about her complexion:

Oblivious to the fact how shadows and lights work, the guy had a strong opinion on how there should be Fair & Lovely specifically designed for feet, and the internet was just not okay with it:


They say men will be men:

People were calling him out on his racist tweet:

Jo baat hai:

People were sharing their struggles:

Shots were fired:


Some people are still stuck in the 18th century:


People were suggesting he uses Harpic:

Oof, khoobsurat baat!


People were hoping he’d grow up:

A public service message from the netizens:

It’s an achievement if you ask him:

People were asking him to stop trolling people based off of their skin colour:

Okay there…

And while majority of the people were calling him out for body shaming, there were certain people who found the tweet funny:

Turns out he wasn’t the only one who needed to attend physics classes again:

Women bringing other women down:

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