This girl’s reply to a Lahori guy showing off his cars is winning the internet!

Food groups are all the rage these days where people post their aesthetic sehri and iftari pictures. One such food group had a guy posting his iftari with his cars in the background with the food nowhere to seen:

To give him a tough competition, a girl posted the most savage come back picture, with not just your average sports cars but also jets, PRIVATE JETS!

And her comeback is winning the internet!

Ours too!

People were blown away by the airplanes:

Haha, sure!

Sis has won the battle!

We’re wondering the same!

The kinda women we stan!

Sis isn’t here to play!


Same energy!

People were living for the vibe:


It was the best thing some had seen all day!


People were living for her sense of humour:

Say that again!

Oye hoye!

Twitter at it’s finest!

We want this framed up!


What do you think about the girl’s reply? We think she’s killed it! Let us know in the comments below!

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