Ahsan Khan is The Jack of All Trades – Here Are 5 Reasons Why!

The Pakistani entertainment industry has seen a myriad of actors come and go since its existence, and only a few have been able to leave their mark on the audiences. After all, not just anyone could impress an audience of millions who always keep an eye out for uniqueness and mastery of talent!

There could only be a few who are just that brilliant, and now, proving that is the multifaceted jack of all trades, Ahsan Khan!

Going from strength to strength, the actor has managed to carve his niche in almost all facets of the media, and it seems there is no stopping this diverse superstar any time soon.

What are the things that we think makes him stand out from the crowd? Diva has the lowdown…

His Acting Repertoire

One of the few actors who is equally strong in lead roles as with cameos and negative parts, Ahsan Khan has proven he’s a tour de force time and again. No one will be able to forget the role of Paa Imtiaz from Udaari anytime soon or his brilliance in his debut film, Chupan Chupai! Plus, let’s not forget that he’s an amazing thespian too!


His Memorable Advertisements

Leave it to Ahsan Khan to select the best of advertisements to be a part of! Be it his Harpic ad that is etched in our brains or his new Chai Wala Biskut commercial with Kubra Khan, it all leaves us in awe of his persuasion skills!


His Performances

If you thought that Ahsan Khan is just a power-packed actor in front of the camera, think again! His on-stage performances are always supremely energetic and he’s one actor who doesn’t shy away from giving his 101% at award shows too! We’re still mesmerised by his Hum Style Awards 2020 performance!

His Talk Show

A kaleidoscope of celebs may have tried their hands at a talk show, but none have had enjoyed the popularity and success that Ahsan Khan has with his show, Bol Nights. The actor is quite engaging with his guests and as a host, doesn’t let anything get awkward or boring. This is just what you want in the perfect host!


His Ramadan Transmissions

Now a regular on our Ramadan programming each year, Ahsan Khan is probably one of the few celebs who have carved their niche in the religious transmissions sector, quite successfully. The actor proves his hosting skills in the best manners here, and he never fails to amaze us with his religious knowledge skillset. Just what you need from this all-rounder!


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  1. Ahsan Khan is the diamond asset we have in media industry, he is versatile, magnificent & charming. Keep entertain us Mr Khan, we love you ❤️

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