8 Real-Life Heroes Who Are Shining Brighter Than The Stars in the Lockdown!

As the COVID-19 lockdown continues around the globe, it has have taught us several lessons. Firstly, it made clear to all of us that the world as we had it earlier would probably not be returning for the time being, while it has also taught us how toxic our lifestyles had been.

However, if there is a lesson even bigger than that, which it has come to teach us, it’s that we have wrongly been defining the term hero.

For too long, the fixation with celebs and superstars have made the world have a myopic view of who a ‘hero’ could be, and this lockdown has surely shattered that for the better!  We are all looking beyond the proscenium arch and the celluloid stars, and finally seeing the game-changers around, who are making this situation sustainable for all of us.

Who are these people? Diva has the lowdown…


At the forefront of the pandemic, doctors have yet again proven through their selfless actions that they are the saviours we should be looking up to. They not only need all our support but they should be the ones we hope we’d be able to finance better in the future!


Armed Forces

Part of the defense system we all need in Pakistan, the police, along with other armed forces has the country in check. They have not only been bastions of resilience but have made sure people remain at home and stay safe during this extraordinary situation.



Standing hand-in-hand with the doctors, nurses have made sure that assistance is given to the patients who are in dire need of it. They have been a mighty example of humanity’s will power and they definitely need to be applauded tirelessly!


Grocery Store Workers

With everything except essential markets closed, it has been the grocery store workers who have been working day and night in the most dangerous of situations to aid all those under lockdown. They are facing the pandemic, yet serving people in the name of humanity.


Sanitation Workers

Yet another ‘force’ which is keeping the streets clean and safe are the much-ignored sanitation workers. They have proven time and again how essential they are to our lives, and it’s high time they get acknowledged for all they have done for society, and are given better protection!



Photo by Aamir QURESHI / AFP

Although factories are largely closed and there are reports of large establishments letting go on many essential workers of the fabric industry, there are many seamstresses out there who are burning the midnight oil in order to create personal protective equipment for the doctors and first responders.



There was no doubt that Pakistan was one of the most philanthropic nations in the world, but the pandemic fortified the proof further. We have seen countless people work together to make sure no one sleeps hungry, and that just shows the might of the country fighting the situations head-on!



A backbone to all the operations going on in the country, Pakistan has seen a large number of volunteers come out to help in the situation in any way they can. Be it all the medical volunteers or those who have taken part in philanthropic volunteering, they all deserve our acknowledgement and applause!


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