This girl is taking the internet back to 2005 and there’s nostalgia everywhere!

A week into 2020 and twitter is already missing what 2005 was like. A girl on Twitter tweeted about the good life we all were living back in 2005:

And the internet is nostalgic!

An absolute queen!

Some were sharing what 2005 was for them:

Oh man, the thesis days are in a league of their own:

With not a worry in the world:

Haha, can relate a 100%:

Some were taken back to the horrific memories of the earthquake in 2005:

Kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi – episode 46383738:

Sisters will always be sisters:

Oof, garam garam parathay!

There are many others:

Sunehray din:

Us too 😭

People were really missing the good days:

Nostalgia hi nostalgia:

Amazing ones:

People were wishing they could go back in time:

What were you doing back in 2005? Let us know in the comments below!

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