People are calling out fashion brands on using political movements to sell their clothes and the internet agrees!

With the recent sale season, we’re pretty sure your timelines too are full of sale steals! One of the sale posts by Generation was picked up by a girl Zoya and she’s got questions:

The tweet has sparked a debate on social media and the netizens are sharing what they think about picking up political movements like feminism to sell clothes:

Many agreed with Zoya:

Times sure are changing:

Feminism now comes with a price tag:

Some were done with the designs that the brand had to offer:

Many shared the same thoughts:


People were having a hard time finding anything remotely feminist in the shirt:

People were all for stop selling feminism:

Ek teer se doh nishaanay:

Many were disappointed:

Some had suggestions for expanding the line:

Some thought the brand should hire a copy writer:

Some didn’t find it too surprising:

Some were appalled at the price, even after sale:

Some had high expectations, given the price point:

Some were in a world of their own thinking it was a maternity dress…

What do you think about brands marketing their products in the name of feminism? Let us know in the comments below!

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