LUMS is now LUMSU and the internet just can’t handle it!

LUMS is one of the most prestigious institutes of Pakistan and the name speaks for itself! Yesterday the Vice Chancellor of LUMS sent an email to the whole community that LUMS was changing its name to LUMS University which now makes for LUMSU as a short form.

Ever since the name LUMSU was revealed, it has been a top trend on Twitter and the internet just can’t handle it!

Ooof, we all know that annoying chhota bhai!

Na qaabil-e-qubool!

Some thought it sounded like a disease:

Lmao, can’t beat this!

People were worried about who’s going to take them seriously:


LUMS se LUMSU tak ka safar:

Aisay toh na bolo yar!

Some thought the name doesn’t matter:

Time to leave the planet:

People had further suggestions:

The importance of U’s!

People were living for the LUMSU jokes:


Some thought this is what you get when you order LUMS from Daraz 😂

Some just weren’t having it!

Yar 😂

What do you think about the change from LUMS to LUMSU? Let us know in the comments below!

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