This act of kindness by Ibis Dublin is everything you need to read about today!

Just in case you’re having a bad day, here’s a little something to brighten up your day! A hotel in Dublin has been going viral for all the right reasons.

A guest staying in Ibis Dublin who was a Muslim by belief asked the hotel for a Sehri snack as he had to fast. The staff agreed and told him to come back at 2:30. Expecting a single meal, he was surprised when he saw an entire buffet set up just for him to have his Sehri.

He was the only person there, according to his colleague Hemant, who posted about the gesture on Twitter and his tweet went viral, gathering nothing but love and appreciation for the staff at the hotel:


Ibis Dublin serving their customers right!

Agreed, it’s the small things that matter

We need more people like the staff at Ibis Dublin!

So easy to spread negativity, here’s a shoutout to spreading positivity!


Humanity is above all religions.

Praise came from loyal customers too!

Agreed, we told you it’ll brighten up your day!

Inclusivity at its very best!

Yes! The staff needs to be acknowledged

Long live humanity!

So much love!

Good call Ibis Dublin, we’re proud of you!

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