The most unpredictable team leaves the nation ecstatic!


For us, cricket is not just a game, it’s a whole mood! After the first few matches, the cricket team had upset a lot of fans with constant losses. But the tables turned yesterday when Pakistan won against England, now that is an Eid gift we did not see coming.


Needless to say, the spirit of the nation has been revived and if you ask us, the air seems to be different ever since we won the match!

After the great win, PM Imran Khan congratulated the team:


And Wasim Akram got the best birthday present!


Sania Mirza too, lauded the team for their epic comeback!


Do not underestimate us!


That’s Pakistan for you!


Saeed Ajmal too, praised the team!


In all honesty, we’ve never seen a comeback so strong!


From the lowest score to the highest score!




And of course, there had to be an Akshay Kumar meme:


Ooof, the khushi!


Go team green!


A win like this, calls for a celebration this grand!


Amidst the crowd was this man promoting peace, its little things like these that melt our heart!


And we will always cheer for our team




A hundred percent right!


Sarfaraz dhoka nahi deta!


Asim Azhar tried taking a dig at seasonal cricket fans and boy were they offended!


Kamaal indeed!


The absolute-freakin-best!


Haha, lag gaya phhaintaa!




What a comeback!


Hoping this win doesn’t distract them from the game plan!






Because that’s just how we roll!


Hell yes!


Constructive criticism is always welcomed!


Have you seen a more epic duo than Amir and Wahab? Because we haven’t


That’s what makes the win even better!




We like calling ourselves the unpredictables!


There were congratulations pouring in from all directions:


Nothing cuter than a happy Hamza Ali Abbasi


Comedian Jeremy McLellan, our very own Pindi boy joined in the celebration too!

Pakistan’s win against England has to be the best thing to happen this year, we wish the team best of luck and pray that it continues to perform as brilliantly as this match. Pakistan Zindabad!

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