The internet lauds Sarfaraz Ahmed for wearing kurta pajama to Buckingham Palace

Captains of all ten teams participating in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 were invited by the British Queen Elizabeth II at the Buckingham palace on Wednesday.


And while the whole squad chose to wear a 3 piece suit, our captain Sarfaraz Ahmed rocked in his national dress, a white kurta pajama with a green blazer and people loved this little gesture!


The hashtag #SarfarazAhmed has been trending ever since the meeting and the internet is loving him!


Even Hamza Ali Abbasi couldn’t resist but laud Sarfaraz


He made a lot of people proud


People were happy that he decided to represent his culture


Some were ready to answer those who were criticizing him


Some couldn’t stop but compare him to captain Imran Khan


True that, the only captain to dress this way


Some even reminded people how the biggest achievers have had worn shalwar kameez in the past as well


Oooh, some weren’t coming slow!


Some people also bought Virat Kohli in the scenario, why though?


Some dragged Indians too!






Some gave credit to PM Imran Khan for encouraging this gesture



And well, some people had their disagreements too!


And some were very, very rude!






Some gave their expert opinions on how he looked


What do you think about Sarfaraz Ahmed’s decision to wear a kurta pajama to meet the Queen? Do you think it was a success or a disaster? Let us know in he comments below!

  1. Stop criticizing #SarfarazAhmad the captain of pakistan 🇵🇰cricket team.. he did the best he will do again and again. Who the hell are you to teach him.. and listen our pakistani people , have you ever represented pakistani culture in foregin ? No bcz you people like to wear suit as like they wears.. you people feel ashame to wear shalwar kameez ?? Rit?? Proud of you captain ..🇵🇰❤️

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