Sarfaraz’s fitness level raises tons of questions, and memes!



After one of the most disappointing matches in this year’s World Cup, Pakistan lost to India with 89 runs. And the nation has been questioning Sarfaraz’s captaincy and fitness since then.


Last time when Shoaib Akhtar tried questioning Sarfaraz’s fitness, his poor choice of words got him a ton of hate but his recent performance has raised a lot of questions. To add to the heat, the team was spotted eating carelessly prior to the match.


A few members of the team were spotted smoking sheesha a the night before the big game:


People also shared how calling the captain out for bit being fit enough was not body shaming



Some said how this wasn’t fat but healthy in Pakistan 😂


Shireen Mazari too commented on the poor performance of the team:


People shared how misinformed Pakistani people were about diet


People couldn’t stop comparing the fitness levels of Virat and Sarfaraz

For real though


Some said that Sarfaraz should have been in the Punjab police rather than the team:


Even Osman Khalid Butt came at Sarfaraz


People were upset that Sarfaraz couldn’t run as efficiently


And again, people were furious over the unhealthy choices our players have been making:


Many said that there is no room for unfit players in the team



Some demanded that these cricketers retire asap:


Feelings were hurt!


Someone even put up the Pakistani team on OLX 😂


Many hoped that this defeat would lead to choosing a team based off of merit


Someone even asked for an inquiry on the lack-lustre performance of the team:


Oh Sarfaraz…


Meme games were on point though


Some had an answer for everyone comparing the World cup to that of 1992


People also found Sarfaraz an alternate job, just in case:




Some people had their reservations…


But were reminded how fitness plays a very important role in your performance


And with a loss like that, we hope our cricketers learn the importance of sleep and fitness.


What are your thoughts on the team’s performance? Let us know in the comments below!

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