The hashtag #SareeTwitter will give you all the possible inspiration to wear a saree!

PC: Kejriwal Patola


From draping a dupatta around us as kids to make a saree to actually wearing one, we all grew up!


Sarees are absolutely graceful and look good on everybody, its sad how we just don’t wear them as much as we should. The hashtag #SareeTwitter has been trending on number one on Twitter and the pictures will make you wear one right now!



The pictures were absolutely beautiful:


Fatima Bhutto shared a picture of her grandmother looking absolutely graceful:


The iconic Shabana Azmi shared one too!


Muzna Ebrahim too posted pictures:


Wow 😍


Some took it back to the queen of saree swag, Iqbal Bano:


Gul Bukhari too contributed:


Look at everyone rocking the attire:




We wish the same, why isn’t the saree worn as much as it should?


Bow down to the queen!


Why get married when you have the hashtag #SareeTwitter?


Someone? Please?


Some made valid objections:


Some were genuinely sad:


Humain bhi!


We love how each and everyone of the divas look extremely gorgeous in their own way and the pictures make us want to make a saree so bad! What do you think about this hashtag? Let us know in the comments below!

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