10 things that should be taught in every school, but aren’t

There’s only so much that can be taught within the walls of a school. While we do agree that it’s a parent’s responsibility to teach basic life skills, but considering how little we use the periodic table of elements in real life, and how much we need to know about taxes, the scales could be balanced a little better.

Self defense

Pretty self-explanatory. Every child, regardless of their gender, should be taught self-defense for their own safety.

Filing Taxes

Adults will never learn how to do taxes if schools don’t teach them. If students learn to file their own taxes in the classroom, they would be better prepared to deal with their financial futures.

Personal Communication Skills

Children are being born into a world of silent communication (social media), and so their personal communication skills are close to zero.

Identifying our passion

For the last time, education system is not a one-fits-all deal, instead of studying something students are genuinely interested in, they’re focused on majors they think will land them a better job putting their actual passions in the bin.

Basic repair techniques

Everyone needs to know how to change bulb and fix leaky faucets, no shame in knowing a few repairing skills.

CPR/First aid basics

CPR and first aid basics should be taught in every school so that the student s learn how to deal with and act in situations that require immediate action.

The good touch and the bad touch

Everyone, from a young age, should be taught the difference between the good touch and the bad touch to help protect them from being harassed at the most vulnerable age in their lives.

Writing a CV and cover letters

PLEASE! This is something that should be taught at school level because it takes years to perfect a CV. Plus the recruiters are sick of looking at the same one-format-all CVs and cover letters.

The Laws

Being the citizens of this country, how many of us are actually familiar with the laws that we have here? You’ll be shocked to know what laws you have to protect you and your rights.

Emotional Awareness

Mental health is as important as physical health, if only there was more awareness and openness when it comes to mental health. Mindfulness, being in touch with your feelings, identifying stress, anxiety, depression and dealing with it is something our kids could definitely use.

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  1. and above everything ethical, moral, social values, nationalism and discipline. these are the foremost things that should be taught in school

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