The hashtag Pakistan Zindabad rules Twitter

The World Cup may seem to continue but it won’t be the same without Pakistan!


The nation has been lauding the team and Pakistan  for their performance in the match and in general. The hashtag #PakistanZindabad has been trending since yesterday on Twitter and the tweets are absolutely heart-warming!


People were lauding the team for going down fighting:

The world saw some great additions to the team:


People shared how they were really satisfied with the team’s performance:


Many were proud of the iconic moments that team Pakistan had given them:


People said their good byes to the team:


Yaaas, heads high!


Some said it was god’s plan:


Go team!


Apna time ayega~


The players too thanked their fans for the love and support:



Shoaib Malik too added to the hashtag with his retirement post:


His wife Sania Mirza too added how proud she was of him:


A ton of people got emotional on Shoaib’s retirement:



Yes, cherish these young men!


It sure does…


Haha, this teacher found a great example:


Mehwish Hayat, Veena Malik and Shaan too added to the hashtag:




And while the nation was lauding the cricket team, many were congratulating Pakistan on winning the Asian Team Snooker Championship:


Even the foot ball team surprised many with their performance:


Records were made:


What do you think about Pakistan progressing on various sports fronts? Let us know in the comments below!

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