SoPritti Summer Edit ’23 Showcases Subcontinental Fashion Extravaganza!

Stepping once again into the world of exquisite fashion and style, the United Arab Emirates solidified its position as the global fashion capital with the renowned exhibition SoPritti making waves this summer season. Catering to the thriving South Asian community, comprising primarily of individuals from Pakistan, and India, the SoPritti exhibition in Dubai mesmerized fashion enthusiasts with its grandeur and showcased the best of Subcontinental fashion designers.

Join Diva as we delve into the highlights of this prestigious event that left attendees in awe and fashion aficionados yearning for more…


Pritti Nanda’s SoPritti: Revolutionizing Fashion Exhibitions

Behind the success of SoPritti lies the visionary Pritti Nanda, who rose to prominence in the social and event industry of the 1980s and 90s. Beginning with corporate events and family shows, Pritti gradually expanded her repertoire to include fashion events, collaborating with renowned Indian designers and choreographers. These events witnessed the presence of A-list celebrities gracing the runway, setting the stage for Pritti’s groundbreaking venture.

Recognizing the absence of a centralized venue for fashion enthusiasts to shop and stay up-to-date with the latest trends, Pritti conceived the idea of SoPritti. The brainchild of her passion and dedication, SoPritti exhibitions emerged as a platform where fashion designers and labels could converge, offering a unique shopping experience under one roof.

The Emirates’ South Asian population wholeheartedly embraced SoPritti, recognizing it as the epitome of Pakistani and Indian fashion, jewelry, and accessories. Each edition of the exhibition has garnered immense praise, attracting countless visitors to its all-encompassing showcase of sartorial excellence.


Summer Edit ’23: Unveiling Fashion’s Finest

Building upon its reputation as a hub for acclaimed designers, SoPritti delighted fashion enthusiasts with its much-awaited “Summer Edit 2023.” On June 10, 2023, the Jumeirah Emirates Towers in Dubai served as the stage for this spectacular one-day event.

A wide array of esteemed fashion and lifestyle designers from Pakistan and India graced the occasion, showcasing their exquisite collections to the discerning audience. One of the star highlights of the event also remained yesteryear’s glamorous Bollywood actress, Mumtaz, attending it as well.


Top Designers At The Summer Edit ’23

The Summer Edit ’23 at SoPritti was a star-studded affair, bringing together a constellation of renowned designers who left an indelible mark on the fashion landscape.

Among the headliners, the audience was captivated by the timeless designs of Rizwan Beyg. Renowned for his ability to fuse traditional and contemporary aesthetics seamlessly, Beyg’s creations showcased the rich heritage of South Asian fashion while infusing it with a modern twist. Each ensemble was a work of art, exuding elegance and sophistication that resonated with the discerning audience.

Zaheer Abbas, another luminary in the fashion world, showcased his exceptional craftsmanship and impeccable attention to detail. His collection effortlessly merged elegance with modernity, leaving the audience in awe of his ability to create garments that were both visually striking and exquisitely tailored. Abbas’s creations were a testament to his mastery, evoking a sense of refined luxury that reflected his unwavering dedication to his craft.

Rina Dhaka, known for her innovative approach to design, brought a breath of fresh air to the Summer Edit ’23. Dhaka’s collection was a vibrant celebration of intricate patterns and bold colors, showcasing her artistic vision and creativity. Each ensemble was a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary sensibilities, reflecting her ability to push boundaries while staying true to her roots. Fashion aficionados were enchanted by the unique energy and dynamism emanating from Dhaka’s designs.

Making her mark as a rising star in the fashion industry, Priyanka Singh left a lasting impression with her stunning ensembles that epitomized grace and sophistication. Singh’s talent for creating captivating garments that exuded elegance was evident in every piece she presented. Her attention to detail and ability to accentuate the feminine form were evident, establishing her as a designer to watch in the future.

In addition to these esteemed designers, the Summer Edit ’23 also featured the iconic duo Sana Safinaz, Shamaael Ansari, Maheen Khan, among many others.

SoPritti’s exhibition in Dubai continues to be a testament to the UAE’s position as a fashion powerhouse. By showcasing the best of Pakistani, Indian, and other subcontinental fashion designers, this grand event has captured the hearts of fashion enthusiasts.

Pritti Nanda’s vision and determination have paved the way for a fashion experience that is unmatched, offering a platform for designers to captivate a receptive audience. As the SoPritti saga unfolds, fashion enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the next chapter, where innovation and creativity converge to redefine the boundaries of style!


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