Breaking Boundaries: Nabila Maqsood Represents Pakistan with Glamour at IIFA

In the realm of beauty and glamour, there are a few names that resonate across borders, captivating hearts and transforming faces. One such luminary is the iconic beauty guru, Nabila Maqsood, whose artistry and vision have positioned her as a global icon. From her humble beginnings in Pakistan to creating one of the country’s most talked about beauty palette, Nabila has never slowed down.

Now, adding another feather to her cap, she comes back to Pakistan after taking charge for the third time at the prestigious IIFA (International Indian Film Academy) awards as the official hair and makeup partner.

What went down at IIFA ’23 in Abu Dhabi? Diva finds out exclusively from the maestro, herself…

The prestigious occasion of the IIFA press conference witnessed a special moment for Nabila, as she was called on stage to receive the IIFA shield, honoring her invaluable contributions to the platform. Sharing the stage with luminaries like Farah Khan, Rajkummar Rao, and Badshah, Nabila’s talent and dedication were recognized and applauded.

This year, in addition to their backstage presence, Nabila also conducted a masterclass, an opportunity she expressed feeling overwhelmed by. Addressing the attendees, she introduced herself and showcased how the team at Nabila uses hair and makeup to completely reinvent images for TV, film, and other platforms. “I’ve been in this profession for many years. I am synonymous with image makeovers,” she proudly exclaimed.

And truly what a moment to be proud. She remains one of the only Pakistani brands to be acknowledged across the border.

Representing Pakistan as the only Pakistani brand associated with IIFA over the years, Nabila continues to be efficient and structured in her work.

“I represent the brand NABILA and Zeromakeup for IIFA,” Nabila told Diva. “My focus is always on being professional, efficient, and relevant. While there is a lot of emphasis on the skill and creative part, we are always wary of the fact that we are ambassadors for our country when working internationally and ensure we are appropriate and dignified.”

Reflecting on her experience at IIFA in Abu Dhabi this year, Nabila shared her favorite moments, highlighting her collaboration with renowned designer Manish Malhotra.

“This was our third IIFA awards, and we felt very welcomed and treated like part of the IIFA family. My favorite moment this year was working closely with Manish Malhotra on his show,” she revealed. “He was presented an award for outstanding achievement in Indian cinema for three decades, and the theme of the show was inspired by elite social gatherings and premieres, reflecting the glamour of cinema from the ’40s and ’50s. Our work was very well received by all.”

In a video shared on their Zero Makeup’s Instagram, Nabila elaborated on her experience at IIFA, stating, “We feel part of the IIFA family now. This is our third time here in a row. It’s a great platform. We have an entire salon setup here for three days. We also take care of backstage makeup for performers during the awards ceremony and fashion show.”

Back in 2018, Nabila and her team made their remarkable debut at IIFA when Wizcraft, the Indian media and entertainment company directing the ceremony, invited them to join as one of the backstage partners. Nabila regarded it as a significant compliment, considering that MAC had been the official hair and makeup partner for the awards in previous years. This recognition not only established Nabila Salon as an important facet of the beauty industry in Pakistan but also acknowledged its talent on an international scale.

Truly, Nabila’s exceptional talent, professionalism, and ability to transform images have solidified her position as a trailblazer in the beauty industry, not only in Pakistan but also on the international stage. Her representation of Pakistan at IIFA serves as an inspiration and a testament to the country’s creative prowess. With her remarkable achievements and continuous dedication, Nabila Maqsood continues to raise the bar for beauty gurus worldwide.

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