Sick of bullying, the PSL host Ahmed Godil speaks up against the trolls!

As the opening ceremony of the Pakistan Super League 2020 kicked off on Thursday, Pakistanis on social media found their mocking stock in Ahmed Godil, with memes on him throughout the match.

People were making personal attacks:

People were annoyed with the repeated ‘Tayyar Ho’s’

People were calling him the most hated person:

People were just not amused:

People were criticising his skills:

The awaam clearly wasn’t a fan:

People were being downright offensive:

People were making memes:

People were also speculating that he’s being pulled back because of the backlash:

Disheartened by the memes and personal attacks, Ahmed Godil held a live session on Facebook where he shared how this was such a big milestone in his life:

In his live session, Ahmed very calmly addressed the issues that people were complaining of, starting with the fact that people were calling him out on mimicking Imran Khan:

Ahmed clarified how his intent was never that of mimicking Imran Khan but that’s just how he sounds naturally.

People were also accusing him of being high, because of his sunglasses:

For which Ahmed explained how his sunglasses were powered and how the laser lights used for effects were blinding him.

People were also calling him out on trying to look like ‘Shahrukh Khan’

To which Ahmed replied that it was not on purpose, and he couldn’t help it.

He also encouraged people to send him constructive feedback rather than straight up try to end his career. Ahmed also revealed that someone had leaked his number and that he’s been receiving tons of calls and prank calls abusing him. He also took to Twitter to post what he felt:

But the tweet backfired!

Peopele were schooling him on how much PSL meant to them:

The bullying just didn’t seem to stop:

The memes are unstoppable:

Some suggested that he joins classes:

People were just not having it:

People were calling him out at his tweet:

Some thought Nasir Khan Jan would have opened better than him:

Some thought he was overacting:

And while people are still bullying him, tons of people have been many standing up for him:

Shots were fired:

Many thought the nation fuels on jealousy and trolling:


People were feeling sorry for him:

Some thought it was the other technicalities that should be blamed:

Many were schooling others to respect their artists:

People were invading his personal space:

Many found him to be a good host:

People were feeling sorry for what they had said earlier:

Hosting the Pakistan Super League is not an easy feat, let’s try and support the rising talent! What do you think?

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