This girl thinks smoking makes you ‘modern’ and the twitterati are debating!

Everyday the twitterati finds something new to debate about, and today they’re debating if smoking makes you modern. A girl on Twitter shared a video that she finds beautiful, where young women dressed in traditional attire can be seen smoking cigarettes:

According to her it’s the perfect amalgamation of tradition meets modern, and a norm that she thinks women are challenging but the internet thinks it has nothing to do with either one:

Some thought they were models and the video was promoting unhealthy diet culture:

Shots were fired:

Some came straight to the point:

Some schooled her on how this has been a normal occurrence in rural areas:

Many wanted her to stop glorifying smoking:

People were concerned about the organ damage:

Some were calling it an advertisement for cancer:

Some thought it was a twisted interpretation of modern:

People had questions:

Smoking is as injurious to men as it is to women:

Some were straight up savage:

People were sharing their personal experiences:

For many it was a disgusting habit regardless the gender:

Many made the point how smoking should never be used as a symbol of empowerment:


Some had suggestions:

Some thought there were more important things that needed to be tackled:

There were memes:

Some understood the place she was coming from but did not find anything positive:

Some liked the fusion:

Some were trying to make a point:

Some were calling out on the hypocrisy shown by men:

It was a whole mood for some:

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