5 Models Who Rule the Runway and 5 Who Make Editorials Rock!

Pakistani models are at par with the international talent pool who has ruled the runway and glossies around the world, and the rising number of their popularity is proof. These divas have proven time and again that they are a force to be reckoned with, and be it the ramp or an editorial, there’s no beating them!

So, from the models who sashay it down to those who gloss it up, Pakistani models are finally bringing the art of killer looks and powerful walks to the audience.

So, who made it to Diva’s list of girls ruling the roost and getting that glow-up? We have the lowdown…

The Runway Queens

Farwa Kazmi

A walk that can sail a thousand ships, Farwa Kazmi has been a powerful contender amidst names who have proven a killer walk is their forte. She’s been a delight to look at and be it an eastern ensemble or a contemporary outfit, she makes it all look effortlessly chic!

Saba Sikander

A few models can stand out from a crowd, and Saba Sikander is one such name. Her walk is powerful and her dimensions perfect for the runway, and that makes her a go-to name for designers who want the ramp to remain energetic!

Mushk Kaleem

A model who has proven herself in iconic places like the Milan Fashion Week, Mushk Kaleem is currently Pakistan’s ruling supermodel, who can give many international walks a run for their money, literally! Tall and confident, she’s the energy we desperately needed on the runway.

Abeer Rizvi

It’s a rare occurrence to have a model who can own the runway every time they’re on it, and Abeer Rizvi is one such example. Her powerful walk is all about attitude and her face complements it at every fashion week she’s a part of!

Alicia Khan

A name on the rise, Alicia Khan is yet another model who has exemplified her brilliant walk at the Milan Fashion Week! Energetic, powerful and poised, she’s a name that models should watch out for!

The Editorial Faves

Zara Abid


A name who slays every editorial she’s a part of, Zara Abid is a powerhouse of beauty and skill! Her sizzling chemistry with the camera is effortless, and each frame she does has a sensual feel to it!

Sadaf Kanwal


A model who has proven her prowess by showing that she could be a face of every major brand in Pakistan, Sadaf Kanwal is a supermodel par excellence. She has a unique look to her and in every frame, she works her charm on the camera!

Fahmeen Ansari


A model with an international appeal, Fahmeen Ansari has proven to be an integral asset for the fashion editorials that make up Pakistan’s fashion fabric. She’s piercingly-sizzling in front of the camera, and each shoot proves she could be as fluid as water!

Anam Malik


A model who doesn’t shy away from out-of-the-box concepts and works her magic and panache on each frame, Anam Malik is a rare find in the world of editorials. Her look is complemented by her energetic personality, and it all translates into magic on the resulting image!

Giti Ara

What’s a model who doesn’t have a creative spunk to her, right? Well, Giti Ara proves it! She’s edgy, she’s spunky and her editorials are at par with international models, and we wouldn’t want it any other way!

Who is your favourite model? Tell us in the comment section below.


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