Shehzad Roy Is On A Break & People Have A Long List Of Questions!

If there’s one man in the industry who hasn’t aged at all, it’s Shehzad Roy! Not only is he one of the most good looking celebrities, but also one of the most unproblematic one and we stan this king!

After he took to Twitter to share that he was taking a break from reforming government schools to focus on his music and a movie, people have bombarded him with questions!

Yes please!

Where’s the lie?

Hahaha, yar 😂

Pls help!

Last we checked, he was in his forties:


People wanted to know his diet:


Sub routines chahiyein!

I swear!

Yeh cheez!

Jo baat hai!

Bohat crisis chal raha hai:

Can’t wait!




What do you think is the secret to Shehzad Roy’s fitness? Don’t forget to say Mashallah in the comments below!

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