Pakistanis Share How Their Friends Respond When They Are Down & We’re On The Floor Laughing!

Whether we’re feeling down or over the moon, our friends are some of the first people that we share these ups and downs with! A Twitter user shared how he told his friends that he was feeling down and the next thing he knew was them going to Chitral!

And netizens tried telling their friends the same thing, and their replies are a little too relatable!

Yar 😂😂😂

Not the twist we were expecting!


Y’all need new friends!

Aray, yeh kya baat hui?

Haha, true friends!


Bye Bhabhi!

Then who were you talking to 👀

But honestly, memes are life!

Wah, how effective!

Down bhi hum, aur paisay bhi hum dein 😭


Welcome to the club 🤡

Not cool!


Hahaha 😂

Jo baat hai 😭

Ooof, relatable 😭

Yeh best hai 😂

How do your friends react when you’re feeling down? Let us know in the comments below!

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