Shaniera Akram discovers  medical waste on Clifton Beach, brings the police to impose section 144

When it comes to Karachi, we may not have a ton of entertaining resorts but we do have our beaches and we’re proud of them. However, the Clifton Beach has been a sight of dumping waste for quite a while now and it’s not okay!


Shaniera Akram discovered kilometers of Clifton beach in Karachi infested with medical waste. Viles of blood, exposed used syringes dotting the shore left her alarmed and she declared the beach hazardous:


She tweeted how she discovered about 4 dozens of used syringes in just 10 minutes of walking along the shore between Chunky Monkey and Salt & Pepper restaurant:


Shaniera also urged that news channels and concerned authorities should not sleep on this and take immediate notice:


She then continued to share how she’s been coming to the beach everyday for 4 years but hasn’t been this scared until today:


Concerned for the safety of others, Shaniera declared the beach biohazardous:


She also shared videos and pictures from what she saw at the beach and it is truly horrifying!


And while people volunteered to go clean the mess, Shaniera issued a strict warning to the citizens to not try and clean up the hazardous waste themselves:


People also came at her for declaring the beach biohazardous, claiming that people of Karachi are meant to die and unnatural death, but Shaniera put them back in their place:


Shaniera then demanded that the beach be closed for public access until concerned authorities do their jobs:


And her efforts did finally pay off as Sindh Police imposed section 144 for the safety of public:


People were lauding Shaniera for bringing the issue to public notice:


Many appreciated her efforts and urged others to play their part:


People agreed how Clifton Beach needs a lot of attention:


People were all support for her:


And guys, that’s how you make a difference. Shaniera’s undying concern for the environment and the safety of Pakistanis has won us over many times and we absolutely stan a diva who cares for the environment and uses her power to fix things: go, diva!

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