“Shahroz and I are JUST friends” — Sadaf Kanwal clears air on Syra-Shahroz Split

With social media ablaze with the news of Syra and Shahroz separating after seven years of marriage, it is supermodel Sadaf Kanwal who has come under a litany of criticism as an alleged cause of split between the two.

Sadaf’s name trended on number four.

The whole situation also trended on Twitter, and much like everything else, people jumped on the hate bandwagon.

However, clearing the air on the situation, now, the model has come clean and has spoken up against the allegations put up on her, whilst exclusively speaking to Diva.

We’re JUST friends,” Sadaf said. “We met a month ago!”

The model also clarified that the two only met recently at an award show that was held last month in Oslo, Norway, where they had performed together.

Regarding this, sources close to the couple also suggest that both Syra and Shahroz have been separated since the last seven months, during which the news of their possible divorce was kept hush.

While the model has now come clean over the situation, it’s the Tweeple, who are still not okay with the news, and clearly, are making Sadaf a target of their hate and trolling.

Many were also blaming Shahroz for it.

Others, also noted that the narrative of divorce around Syra’s beauty should be stopped as well.

A few, of course, drew comparisons with the latest rage, Meray Paas Tum Ho. 

In all of this, Tweeple also chose to look at the past of the couple and how it made them stop believing in love.

Others, used this as a platform to claim that Sadaf should also equally be held responsible.

Trolls too, wanted to make memes out of it.

A few, who looked at this holistically, drew comparisons of how people dealt with the news.

A few men also talked to Shahroz’s state of mind.

Many also spoke about how it was their personal matter.

With a bit of memery of course making it way between things.

Can the Meray Paas Tum Ho references ever stop?!

A few came out in support of Sadaf too.

People also asked for trolls to stop calling Sadaf a home-wrecker.

What do you think about the situation? Tell us in the comment section below.

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  1. Dunia jae bhar me hum chanay ki jhar me🤣
    Yar divorce unhone li hai widows ki tarah pakistani har larki act kr rahi hai….keep calm and keep kam se kam please meri pyari awam😊✌ #sairozzindabad❤

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