Diva 2019 Round-Up: Current Affair Program Anchors That Kept News TV Exciting This Year

There’s always something interesting to watch when its news TV and this year was no different thanks to the stellar current affair program anchors who kept politicians on the edges of their seat and kept the audiences glued to their TV sets.

From hard-hitting topics to opinions which moved people, Diva explores the anchors that kept News TV exciting in 2019…

Shahzeb Khanzada – Geo

Shahzeb Khanzada always has something interesting to add to the opinions of the politicians and analysts that grace his show, and this year he was sure to make his voice heard, where it was important.


Kashif Abbasi – ARY

Kashif Abbasi has an important place as one of the most senior journalists for ARY, and he knows how to use it right. His analysis is always en pointe and this year, he proved his predictions over the socio-political fabric were correct as well.


Hamid Mir – Geo

A name in journalism that has proven his prowess time and again, Hamid Mir was one of the most powerful icons this year on news TV. He had a lot of strong topics to cover this year, and that made him a name to trust as always.


Arshad Sharif – ARY

A name that has been quite staunch in the sense of making sure his guests speak the truth and nothing but it, Arshad Sharif was a name to watch out this year. His show, Powerplay has quite quickly become of the most coveted ones on TV.


Nadeem Malik  – Samaa

Samaa TV has proven to become a big player this year, and Nadeem Malik was at the forefront of it all. His show brought forward many names on the same platform and his show was quite interesting to see.


Kamran Shahid – Dunya

A name on Dunya TV that made quite a stir this year, Kamran Shahid was the dark horse of the current affair programming scene. His work ethics have been top-notch and this year was his to shine – and he sure did!


Which current affair program was your favourite? Tell us in the comment section below.


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