Fahad Mustafa thinks TikTok is not productive at all and the internet is debating!

Fahad Mustafa is one of the biggest stars the industry has right now, he’s always managed to keep himself away from controversies and hosts one of the most coveted shows in the country, Jeeto Pakistan.

Fahad took to Twitter to tweet how he feels about the video app Tik Tok and requested parents to keep their children away from the app:

And while his tweet stemmed from a place of concern, people were bringing in Jeeto Pakistan as their counter argument:

Some had their reservations:

It’s all about using and misusing the platform:

Shots were fired:

Many argued how the app can actually be productive for some:

People were calling him out on the hypocrisy:

Some came ready with facts:

People were comparing his show to the app:

Some disagreed with proof!

Some were blaming the people rather than the app:

Some were calling it jealousy:

And while the majority disagreed, there were many who agreed with what he was saying:

Some were calling it a way of destroying the younger lot:

Many were legit concerned about the app being a threat to privacy:

People were admiring him for his tweet:

Some wanted the app to be straight up banned:


People were sharing their reservations as parents:

Many shared their dislike for the app:

It’s a vicious world on social media:

People were lauding him for speaking up against the app:

What do you think Fahad Mustafa’s take on Tik Tok? Let us know in the comments below!

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