Shaan Shahid thinks Shahrukh Khan shouldn’t have dubbed the iconic Lion King movie


As Lion King moves closer to its worldwide release, Shahrukh Khan, who has been busy dubbing the Hindi version of Lion King, shared a glimpse of the Hindi dubbed trailer:


As soon as the trailer was shared, there was tons of feedback from his fans. That’s when Shaan Shahid stepped in to request Shahrukh Khan to not ‘destroy’ a movie so iconic with a flat dub:


He then continued to say that characters are sketched resembling the dubbing artists and their expressions. Shaan felt that there was a lack of expressions:


Simba’s voice in the clip belongs to Shahrukh’s son, Aryan Khan and sounds almost identical to that of Shahrukh’s. Shahrukh has lent his voice for Mufasa.


The trolls came to bash Shaan almost immediately, but Shaan gave them all befitting replies:




This girl didn’t quite get the gist of what Shaan was trying to say:


But Shaan explained, a little:


Some thought there were more pressing issues to cater to:


Many thought he should watch the English version if he has a problem:


Some thought his tweet was pointless:


But he thought otherwise:


Some asked him not to criticise others:


Some thought he was jealous:


And while many trolled him, there were a ton of people who agreed with him:


We kinda agree:


Omg, yaaas!




Some thought he was asking for too much:


What do you think about Shaan’s comment? Let us know in the comments below!

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