Sarfaraz wins the internet

I mean, we’re not trying to brag but no one beats us Pakistanis when it comes to memes and banter, and especially when it’s cricket related. Be it the PSL, T20s or the World Cup, we have the absolute best when it comes to sense of humor!

After yesterday’s match, a picture of Sarfaraz has now become a viral meme on Twitter!

And trust me, the memes will have you in fits of laughter 😂


Shoe shopping in Pakistan, so darn apt!


The Rapunzal with a twist!


The story of every aunty who is sick of street cricket!


Bhai, biryani ka mazaak nai yar.


Haha, we’ve all been here!


Oof, some literary jokes were made!


Apartment mei rehne waalon ke dukh, aur shortcuts.


Haha, yaaaaas chhotu! Samaan wapas rakho


Haha, kya din the woh!


Aren’t the memes hilarious? Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below!

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