Ariel’s pro-woman ad gathers tons of misogynistic backlash

Ariel Pakistan aired their new advertisement a few days ago on television which features phrases like ‘log kya kaheinge,’ ‘parh liya, ab ghar betho,’ and ‘chaar deewari mei raho.’ The ad then shows Pakistan’s cricket team captain Bismah Maroof who continues to say ‘yeh jumlay nahi, daagh hain. Aur yeh daagh humain kya rokeinge?’


And people were outraged!




People were also shaming PEMRA for careless content monitoring:


Mehwish Hayat, drama Ishq Zah-e-Naseeb and even Careem were dragged in:


Lmao, Dajjal ko bhi nahi chhora!


Many said they were going to stop using Ariel from now on:


People even bought in the aurat march


Lmao, talk about being this sensitive:


ChAr DeEwArI iS nOt A QAiD…


And while the ad garnered tons of misogynistic responses, there were some sensible people too!


Seriously, when?


This tweet though >>>


We’re trying to figure out the same:


Many quoted examples of Prophet (PBUH) and his wives:


Some were worried how people were going crazy on women exercising their basic rights:


This post is life!

Some spoke of how we were living in the darkest times;


Many spoke how Islam is only remembered as per convenience, sirf aurton ke liye Islam hai:


Yaaas, girl!


Yehi toh:


People were living for it:


What are your thoughts on the new Ariel ad? Let us know in the comments below!

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