Saba Qamar makes our heart skip a beat in Cola Next’s ad!

You’d be lying if you say you didn’t fall in love with Saba Qamar and all her shades in the Cola Next’s ad, because our heart definitely skipped a beat or two!

We rarely see a brand opting for a female protagonist solely to be the face of their brand, but Cola Next has done it! Cola Next intelligently picked Saba Qamar to grace their brand because Saba is the true embodiment of what the brand stands for!

Just like Cola Next is about to be the nation’s next favourite beverage, Saba Qamar too, has perfected the art of everything she’s a laid a finger on. And the ad shows exactly that!

From the very beginning you just know that Saba Qamar is ready to take over the world! Be it her bold all white outfit or her more feminine side, she can ace them both effortlessly!

And then you see Saba flaunting her sleek dance moves, delicate right? And then the very next moment you see her driving a heavy bike and breaking through glass. Which is exactly the kind of person she is, sensitive, delicate and yet as strong as a mountain!

And if that wasn’t enough to blow you away, we love the little action stunt that Saba nails to absolute perfection, taking what’s hers!

We love how the ad gives an insight to the raw and unfiltered side of ambitions, and it’s very empowering! Being your own queen, not worrying of what the world thinks about you has a certain sense of power, and Cola Next is here for it!

Digital and PR Agency: Kreative Sparks

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