10 Pakistani Ads That Still Make Us Laugh Out Loud!

Sure, humor is subjective—but some advertising over the years has been undeniably hilarious. Here are our favourite ads that still make us laugh out loud!

1. Ufone – Teri Mehrbani

Remember how this ad became the talk of the town when it was released?

2. Disprin

Ooof, aisa sir dard? Disprin nailed it with this ad!

3. Oye hoye

If you still love Fawad Khan after watching this ad, you’re a true fan!

4. Kenwood

Every one of these Kenwood ads had us laughing at the aptness of them!

5. Master paints

Token se zara bach ke, token se zara bach ke!

6. Servis

The viral ad has made it’s way back again making for one of the coolest trends this year!

7. Phoenix battery

Oh billu chala!

8. Ufone – Gadda vs Gadha

Definitely one of the most epic Ufone ads, and if you ask our dads, very relatable!

9. Oreo

Ek toh cute, upar se funny, hard to come across ads this good!

10. Coca Cola’s Zaalima

Bringing back the zaalima vibe with a twist, Coca Cola nailed it with this one!

What ads do you remember out of these? Let us know in the comments below!

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