Remaining PSL6 Matches To Be Held In UAE & Netizens Couldnt Be Happier!

If there’s one event that brings the whole of Pakistani twitter together, it’s the PSL season! And just like last year, the tournament this year had to be postponed in the wake of the second wave, but with vaccinations rolling out and the infection rate seemingly in control, Pakistan Cricket Board has decided to resume the sixth season of PSL with all remaining matches to be played in UAE.

The news left the PSL fans ecstatic as they prepare for friendly banter and hilarious memes while supporting their teams, and here’s how they reacted to the news!

Lmao, same!

That’s literally us!

The news clearly made fans really happy!

Memes and banter had started already!

The crossover we never thought about!

Ngl, we love the anthem!

People were happy to see the matches being held in Abu Dhabi:

Fans were way too excited!

It is!

Yeah, that’s us!

Asal maza toh PSL ka hai!

People were rooting for their teams!

I swear, bore ho gaye the!

Are you excited? Share with us the team you’re rooting for in the comments below!

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