Shahid Afridi Thinks PM Imran Khan Should Stop Obsessing Over Zardari & Nawaz & The Debate is On!

Shahid Afridi’s political aspirations have never been a secret. Ever since retiring from international cricket, the former cricketer has devoted most of his time to charity work and serving humanity with Shahid Afridi Foundation.

And while the man has no definite plans of entering politics, he does have some words of advice for the ruling PM, here’s what he thinks:

In an interview, Lala candidly shared how he feels that Imran Khan should focus on good governance rather than chasing after Asif Zardari and Nawaz Shareef. The clip has been making rounds on social media as netizens remain divided!

People were ready to see him as their PM:

People were lauding him for speaking his mind fearlessly:

Some were worried that he might get bashed:

Many people found themselves on the same page as him:

Some were expecting a new kind of turn:

People were tagging Imran Khan:

People had their suspicions:

People quickly came to his defence for the hate he had been getting:

People were sharing how most felt the same way:

And while many agreed with Shahid Afridi, others deemed him a noob:

People were explaining how things weren’t as simple as they seemed to be:

Some were questioning him:

Some took it as an opportunity to throw shade at him:

Some accused him of being jealous:

What do you think about Lala’s advice to Imran Khan? Let us know in the comments below!


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