10 Ways To Celebrate Simpler & Safer Eid This Year!

Corona pandemic has taken a toll on everyone’s life in one way or another. And while countries are resorting to lenient lock downs, doesn’t mean that we resort to our old ways, and especially during Eid!

Which is why we’re bringing you 10 ways you can celebrate a simpler, safer and yet fun Eid this year.


  1. Upcycle them clothes!

Don’t have something matching your vibe this year? Mix and match from your existing lot of clothes to create a totally new and very you dress for Eid!


  1. Fake your way to a polished look!

Considering you have nowhere to go, you still want to look polished and put together for the gram. Make sure to fill in your brows to frame the shape, curl them lashes and put on your favourite lipstick if you plan on staying in bed the whole day, or go full glam, no one’s stopping you!


  1. Say no to extravagant food spreads!

With the pandemic hitting us economically, stick to a basic but tasty food spread this year. And be thankful for what you have in these trying times. You can also use the same money to help out someone in need.


  1. Virtual daawats for the win!

Be responsible and say no to any daawats you get invited to, however if the situation is unavoidable, make sure to practice safe distancing and don’t get offended if someone asks you to respect their distancing. You can hug all you can once we beat this virus!


  1. Go digital this Eid!

Notes have also been known to be contaminated, adding to the risk of spread. Try going ‘au digital’ this year and transfer them Eidis 🤭 or hey, gift cards work too, pay for someone’s Netflix this month, just be creative!


  1. Dress up for the fam!

Honey, we’re pretty sure your family has gotten sick of seeing you in same two sets of pjs and that bun. Dress up and look good for the family this year and don’t forget to take a ton of pictures!


  1. Self grooming!

Going to the salons is kind of unsettling for us, but that doesn’t mean you walk around with a stache as thick as your dad’s! Use these days to learn self grooming, with hundreds of tutorials on grooming your brows and upper lips, experiment and opt for the one you’re most comfortable with!


  1. Don’t forget your accessories!

Just because you’re staying at home, doesn’t mean you forget about the accessories. Even if you’re wearing something casual, adding the right accessories can take your look to whole new level!


  1. Do your hair woman!

Buns may look cute with your pjs, but please for one day do your hair! Straighten them, blow dry them, curl them or try on your favourite hairstyle, don’t just let them hanging!


  1. Clean up!

With househelp in quarantine, cleaning the house altogether is the biggest struggle. However if you take things one at a time, it won’t feel that hard. Assign everyone at home certain tasks and start cleaning up 3-4 days before Eid, section by section, ask everyone to clean their rooms first and then share tasks for shared rooms, tadaaa!


What are you doing to make the best of this Eid? Let us know in the comments below!

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