Prominent journalist Omar Qureshi asks why Pakistani households don’t have dishwashers and the answers had us all amused


Never a single dull day when you’re on the internet! Prominent journaliist, Omar Qureshi, asked a very important question on Twitter and the replies will crack you up! Omar genuinely wanted to know why Pakistani house holds don’t have a dish washer and that’s exactly where Twitter displayed its finest:


The answers were absolutely hilarious!


Hahahaha, true that 😂


This person spilled the real tea, dongay shongay:


The truth has been spoken…


Hmm, what do you call your dishwasher? Husband or wife?



One dishwasher, so many names!


The dishwasher more efficient than most:


Haye, hadd-haraami!


Chikna dishwasher:


Na kaakay, na!




Many raised some valid reasons:


Also, maasi stays employed, win-win situation:


Some gave the real reason why, bijli and pani:


Jo baat hai!


And while majority of the comments may have been sarcastic, they do point out towards  serious problems i.e water shortage and expensive electricity. They also point out about the luxury that Pakistanis have of hiring cheap labor.


What do you think about dishwashers in Pakistan? Do you own one? Let us know in the comments below!

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