The internet can’t have enough of the Lahore rain and the scenes it brings

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The monsoon season has officially begun all around the country, and if you’re from Karachi, we feel you! It has been raining cats and dogs in Lahore and the internet just can’t contain itself.


The intensity of the rain was such that the main entrance gate of the Lahore fort collapsed to the ground.


A minor was killed and 13 were left injured in different incidents in Lahore after heavy rains lashed the city on Tuesday. Citizens were stuck and the city had to see some of the worst traffic jams.


Chief Minister Punjab Usman Buzdar personally drove to the affected areas and reviewed the drainage arrangements and problems of people after heavy showering. He also gave lift to children and women stuck due to rain.


And while some people were annoyed by the nuance bought about by the rain, others were loving it!






Many were sad how the rain stopped right at 8:30:


Some were waiting for the rainbow:


And some actually found the rainbow, what a sight!


These guys actually pulled out a boat, WHAAAAAAT!


Many gave ideas to Careem 👀



Han bhai Baadal Khan, parcel ka intezaam hai?


And then there were tarsay huay Karachiites:


And of course, like every monsoon season, samandar jokes were made:


Aur Karachi sunny sunny sunny sunny~


And while Lahore was having all the possible rain, here’s what other cities were feeling:


Annoyed by the intense amounts of rain, some people wanted an Abdullah Shah Ghazi mazaar:


Many people shared the problems that the city was facing:


Many shared how the traffic was a wreck:


When are rains expected in your cities? Let us know in the comments below!

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