Priyanka Chopra gets called out for her hypocrisy by a Pakistani girl and the internet is going crazy


It seems as if things never calmed down after the Pulwama attacks. It was only then when the world saw their favorite B-town celebrities promoting nuclear war. One of those celebrities was Priyanka Chopra who, ironically, happens to be the peace ambassador of the United Nations.


In a beauty event in LA, a Pakistani girl named Ayesha Malik couldn’t resist but call out Priyanka Chopra on being a hypocrite:


To which Priyanka Chopra addressed in the most condescending tone:


And the clip which has now gone viral has made the internet go nuts!


People were living for it:


Some were absolutely furious and rightly so!


People were lauding Ayesha for raising valid questions:


Celebrities including Mansha Pasha, Kubra Khan and Armeena Khan shared their thoughts:




PC’s response in a nutshell:


People were furious for using the ‘being friends’ excuse to promote genocide:


Many were happy to see Priyanka be cancelled:


Some also pointed out how Priyanka didn’t utter a single word when the mic was literally being snatched from Ayesha:


And while Priyanka was justifying war mongering, we had our favorite diva Mehwish Hayat talk about Kashmir and how the image of Pakistan has been negatively portrayed by Bollywood films as she received Pride of Performance award in Oslo:


And with that being said, we’d only like to say that in a world full of Priyanka Chopras, be like Mehwish Hayat!

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