Parey Hut Love – A Flawed Visual Delight

Glamour and glitz is an innate part of the Pakistani film industry, and through the years we have seen a number of films prove that our cinema too can bring the best that the country has to offer onto the silver screen. Adding onto that list of films, albeit with a bit of problem, is Parey Hut Love.

Directed by Asim Raza and starring Sheheryar Munawar and Maya Ali in lead roles, the film explores the story of Sheheryar (Sheheryar Munawar) and Saniya (Maya Ali) as they traverse through feelings of unrequited love, misunderstandings, and pain amidst a kaleidoscopic milieu of celebrations and festivities.

However, beyond the typical love story lies the real narrative of Parey Hut Love, where the amalgamation of colours, emotions and glitter meet in one place, making and breaking the film.

How does it make it good and where does the film become overbearing? Here’s the lowdown…

Makes The Film


They say content is king, but surely Asim adds onto that saying by making sure cinematography stays the top priority too. The visuals in the film are spot on, and in many places, the way certain sequences and montages are shot would make you lose yourself within them. It surely makes PHL a cinematic experience.

Production Design

Good visuals and a delightful cinematic experience are always helpful to the film, and for Parey Hut Love that makes all the difference. The mix of colours and the aura of the film just make it magical for the cinemagoer. Each song, each film sequence has been done up impeccably and that is sure to make you be in awe of the film if nothing else excites you.


A big kudos to Azaan Sami Khan, for not only giving us great music in Superstar, but trumping his own self by giving us brilliant sound design in Parey Hut Love. Each song from the film is unique and it is beautiful in every aspect. Songs like Haye Dil Bechara, Morey Saiyan, and Ik Pal especially stand out and make you fall in love with them.

Maya Ali & Mahira Khan

The leading lady of the film, Maya Ali, and the extended cameo by Mahira Khan both are equally stunning and attention-grabbing. While in many places Sheheryar fails to keep his grip on the scene, Maya’s acting repertoire grows beautifully within the narrative. Similarly, Mahira too does a great job in the character she’s been given.


Breaks The Film


With this being Asim’s second directorial, one expected a stronger script than Ho Mann Jahaan, but that’s not the case, unfortunately. There are definite loose-ends within Parey Hut Love, and they affect the film’s narrative massively. Content is king, yes, but the script is supreme, and that needs to be realised.


While the film could have played on its understated moments, Parey Hut Love chose to go with the overdramatic path. While Maya and Sheheryar still look normal, it seems every other character in the film is a bit over-the-top. The film takes Ahmed Ali Butt, Zara Noor Abbas, and Hina Dilpazir and makes caricatures out of them, which we wish the film didn’t do.


The film’s biggest flaw has to be the acting. While Maya Ali and Mahira Khan can be commended for holding their own, Sheheryar Munawar falters throughout. He’s shown a strong skillset in Ho Mann Jahaan and was able to overshadow the lead, Adeel Hussain in the film. We wonder what happened here. Additionally, most of the actors in the film seem to be undirected and that makes the film a bit too overacted upon.

All in all, Parey Hut Love definitely makes for a beautiful watch this Eid, and despite its flaws, it stands strong due to its visuals and music!

Diva Rating: 3 out of 5 stars


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  1. I agree the movie was lacking alot of good content. I watched it on Eid as it was playing in NY. We hardly get pakistani movies here and when it finally does come in theaters I wish it’s a good one. we went in for the movie with high hopes since the actors and actresses in the movie are my favorite but I was let down. the movie seems to have no story, jumps from one place to another and no real connection between anything that’s going in. i was highly disappointed.

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